More About Me

I come originally from London, England, where I studied and worked as an analytical chemist. For some years I was also a London taxi-cab owner and driver before emigrating to Israel in 1969. Here, in Israel I at first returned to my original profession in the field of chemistry and analysis, later travelling to Cyprus, Istanbul, Athens and the far-east as manufacturing chemist for a cosmetic company of international repute.

In 1975 I joined a Kibbutz - Bror Hayil - where I am still a member. In the years I have spent on the Kibbutz, I have been a typical kibbutz member, working in various branches of the kibbutz, such as the dining-room (which I managed for a year or two), the cow-sheds, the citrus groves and the study centre. I was also traffic coordinator for a number of years.
I have always been involved, in one way or another, and along with my normal work-a-day activities, with guiding people - visitors, volunteers, official guests of the Kibbutz from abroad - round the country and this led to an ever-deepening interest in the history of the country and its peoples. Eventually, I decided that this was something I had to do officially and undertook the necessary, stringent course of study to become an official tour guide. For some years I was in charge of an exchange project, based on Holocaust studies and awareness, with youth groups from Germany and our own school-leavers on the Kibbutz. I used to travel with our groups to Germany and Poland, after preparing our youngsters for their journey and first encounter with the world beyond the borders of Israel; I similarly programmed the visit of, and welcomed our young guests from Heidelberg and Zehlendorf.

While still in England, I learned to fly light airplanes and for some years maintained the licence. I still dream of flying again some day, although the years are passing by......... my other favourite hobbies are reading the history of the Holy Land, its peoples and religions, English literature and working with a computer, driving - and trying to teach myself more Latin, Greek and German than I have been able to pick up casually.