The Resurrection

This is the first of the frescoes from the Chora Church in Istanbul, that I am including in my "Byzantine Page". The Chora Church stands almost in the shadow of the magnificent Theodosian walls towards the north-western edge of Istanbul. Now a museum - the Kariye Müzesi.

At the time of Justinian there was a monastery here and since it was outside the then Constantinian walls and "in the country", so to speak, it received its name "Chora" - meaning just that - "in the country". The present building dates to the 11th century. It underwent several overhauls, repairs and major changes; it was extensively damaged by the return of the Iconoclasts under Leo V, early in the 9th century.
The number of mosaics and frescoes displayed in the church and - by and large -their excellent condition (due to preservation work), makes the church another imperative, among the many, for any visitor to Istanbul. Virtually the entire interior of the church's walled surface is covered with mosaics and frescoes depicting the life of the Holy Family. This one is of the Resurrection and graces the apse of the paracclesion - No. 57 on the plan. Notice Adam and Eve being drawn from their graves.

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