Here are just a few of the books that I have read and found instructive, that are connected, in one way or another,
with the history of the Jewish People, Christianity, Islam and the Holyland :-

1. The Bible
2. The Koran
3. Byzantium - John Julius, the Viscount Norwich (3-volumes)
4. A History of the Crusades - Sir Steven Runciman (3-volumes)
5. Constantine's Sword - James Carrol
6. Crossroads to Israel - Christopher Sykes
7. In the Shadow of The Galilean - Gerd Theissen: Karl-Ruprechts University, Heidelberg.
8. Jesus - A.N. Wilson
9. Paul - A.N. Wilson
10. The Jesus Dynasty - Dr. James Tabor: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
11. From Time Immemorial - Joan Peters
12. Exodus (a novel) - Leon Uris
13. The Revolt - Menachem Begin
14. A History of Christianity - Edited
15. Voice of Israel - Abba Eban
16. Warriors of God - James Reston, Jr.
17. The Complete Works of Josephus Flavius
18. The Alexiad of Alexius Comnenus - Anna Comnena
19. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - William Shirer
20. A History of the Holocaust - Sir Martin Gilbert
21. Judgement in Jerusalem (The Trial of Adolf Eichmann; English version) - Gideon Hausner
22. While Six-million Died - William D. Morse
23. The Rape of Palestine - William B. Ziff
24 Jerusalem: The Biography - Simon Sebag Montefiore
25.The Last of the Freibergs - Dov Freiberg (Original Hebrew title "Sobibor Survivor" and translated into English. Found on-line at: