The Incredulity of Thomas

One of several well-known interpretations of the incredulity of Thomas who, faced with the resurrected Jesus, refused to credit the story until Jesus called upon him to examine the entry wound of the centurion's lance. John XIX:27

In the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem are the remains of mosaics, dating from 1169 - the Crusader period - which originally covered the entire internal wall area of the church. Pitifully little remains of what was undoubtedly a majestic work. Among those small sections is a mosaic showing Jesus enthroned - hence post-resurrected - directing Thomas' hand to the wound in his side.

Here, as promised some time ago, is the mosaic described above from the east wall of the north transept.

And as before, Thomas can just be discerned examing the wound in Jesus' side.

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