Monday 11th May 330 CE - Tuesday 29th May 1453 CE

I am dedicating this page to John Julius, The Viscount Norwich, whose brilliant Trilogy "Byzantium" led me to an infinitely deeper awareness, understanding and appreciation of that Empire's unique greatness.

Once out of nature I shall never take
My bodily form from any natural thing,
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enameling
To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
Or set upon a golden bough to sing
To lords and ladies of Byzantium
Of what is past, or passing, or to come.

When I began to build the page "My Gallery Vol. II", I wrote that there would be an emphasis on "....things Byzantine" because of its overwhelming influence on the course of world history and - much more immediately and directly - on the history of the Holy Land. I hadn't progressed very far at all, when I realised that, at the rate I was finding items, together with the ideas and comments formulating in my mind, there was no way in which Byzantium and Constantinople could share a page with other topics. So I have re-arranged the "My Gallery Vol. II" page while it is still in its infancy and transferred my attention to Byzantium and Constantinople. Later - if I ever finish with "The Byzantine Empire" - I will return to "My Gallery Vol. II" and more general themes. So let me put in place the thumbnails that I have accumulated so far, in the certainty that there will be more to follow - and we'll take it from there!

By the way - you'll notice that there are several of the more popular views of Istanbul which appear to be almost identical; that's because its such a beautiful and exciting city that I can't resist looking at it from different angles and reminding myself of the endless pleasure I have visiting the city. I hope you agree with me!

Constantine the Great

Constantine and Justinian - The Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 'The Resurrection' - The Chora Church frescoes and mosaics, Istanbul The Arch of Constantine - Rome The 'Blue' Mosque & Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
The Obelisk - the Hippodrome, Istanbul The German Fountain - the Hippodrome, Istanbul The Sultan Mehmet II
The Hagia Eirene - Topkapi, Istanbul The Hippodrome I - Istanbul The Hagia Sophia John Chrysostom - the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
The Rumeli Hisari - Istanbul 'Battle of the Milvian Bridge' - Raphael The Column of Constantine - Istanbul
Joseph & Mary at the Census - the Chora Church frescoes and mosaics, Istanbul John Comnenus II & the Empress Eirene - The Hagia Sophia 'The Woman of Faith' - the Chora Church frescoes and mosaics, Istanbul The Hippodrome II - Istanbul
The Blue Mosque The Yerebatan (Justinian) Cistern - Istanbul Istanbul
The Emperor Alexius Comnenus I The Yerebatan (Justinian) Cistern - Istanbul The Coronation Dais - Hagia Sophia - Istanbul

If you are thinking of visiting Istanbul (and I hope you are!), then allow me to recommend a web site:;
and a guide who speaks Portuguese, English, German and Turkish.

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