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I present you here with a series of studies frankly downloaded for my own pleasure but with the permission of the various copyright holders. They are mostly (but by no means all), Christian themes and include the Works of the Masters, lithographs and other visual material, as well as conventional photographs. I hope to add continually to these as time goes by, for my own as well as for your enjoyment. All the thumbnails that you can see are link-connected to larger pictures which carry comments and observations. My comments - the ones concerning art - are purely personal, unacademic and untutored and make no pretence of being otherwise; I share them with you on that basis and on that basis and understanding alone. Some of the accompanying pages are in preparation and some have yet to be started; keep watching - there will always be additions!

These Works will take a minute or two to download - please do be patient.


It goes without saying that I am deeply grateful to Christus Rex to The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London,  The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, to Petra Fine Arts to Dr Carl Rasmussen Ph.D., of Bethel University, St. Pauls, MN. - without whose generosity these pages could not have been created - for their warm hospitality and kindness in allowing me free access to their sites for this purpose.

Calvary - the Tenth Station View of the Temple Mount from the north The Crusaders' entrance to Calvary The Kidron Valley from Mount Scopus Dominus Flevit - Mount of Olives

Caravaggio's 'The Meal at Emmaus' Rachel's Tomb - near Bethlehem The Madaba Map - Jordan 'Moses' by Michelangelo The Greek Chapel - Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Holy Sepulchre David's Tower - from the Valley of Hinnom 'The Binding of Isaac' - Rembrandt The Damascus Gate 'Jesus before the High Priest' Honthorst
'Departure of the Queen of Sheba' - Claude 'The Annunciation' - Leonardo 'The Annunciation' - Botticelli 'The Woman taken in Adultery' - Rembrandt 'The Doubting of Thomas' - Caravaggio

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