My Gallery Volume II


I present you here with another collection of artistic works from the Masters - and lesser lights - culled from the art collections of the world, and other historical and religious sources, including conventional photographs, providing always that I can find a valid connection between the exhibit and a site or event in the entire story of the Land of Israel and the peoples who have either dwelt here or had such a profound and lasting effect on its history, that their place in its story cannot be gainsaid.

When I was first introducing this page I made a comment that a heavy emphasis will be placed on that most fabulous of Empires and its capital city - Byzantium. Until the 1920's and for 1,600 years prior to that date, the ancient city of Byzantium was known officially - and so named by its founder - as "New Rome"; more familiarly to the world as Constantinople, the city of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire. (If I must have a favourite city {after Jerusalem and London, of course}, then that city can only be Istanbul).

However, since then, much has come to pass; I began to accumulate material in such great abundance that eventually I had to cancel the idea of incorporating that vast theme into this general page and create a "Byzantium" page on its own. This, I have now done and I invite you to visit it here.

I leave you now to enjoy, I hope, this second collection of images.

'David at the cave of Adullam' - Claude Jerusalem -
Second Temple Period The Wadi
Qelt The el-Aksa
Mosque The Basilica
of the Beatitudes
The Zodiac
mosaic of Beit Alpha The Abraham
& Isaac mosaic of Beit Alpha Qumran The Antonia
The Walls of
Jerusalem Through the Ages The Holy of
Holies - Arad The Holy Koran Acco - The parade ground Robinson's Arch

As before, I am deeply indebted to The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, and to Dr Carl Rasmussen Ph.D for their kindness and generosity.
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