A Sample 7-Day Itinerary

Total inclusive prices are clearly dependant on the rating of your accommodation requirements, they are not included here , so please specify when enquiring

Day 1.
08:30 - Leave hotel for a drive-round tour of Tel-Aviv including a walk through Old Jaffa.

Alternatively, if your arrival was overnight:-

Rest from your journey and early morning arrival at a convenient Tel-Aviv hotel/hostel.

12:00 (or earlier) Check-out.


Drive via the Tel-Aviv throughway and coastal highway to Cæsarea (visit)

Continue to Megiddo (visit)

Continue to Mukhraka* (visit).

Drive through tour of Haifa, ending with an overview and description of Haifa and the Bay area from the Bahai gardens promenade.

Overnight Haifa.

The Canaanite Gates of Megiddo Herodian Aqueduct

Day 2.
08:00 Leave hotel and drive to Nazareth: Basilica of the Annunciation (visit).

Continue to Kfar Cana (visit).

Continue to Tsippori (visit).

Drive via Migdal to popular fish restaurant.


Drive to the Mt. of the Beatitudes (visit and meditation).

Continue to the Church of the Loaves and Fishes (visit).

Continue to the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter (visit and meditation).

Continue to Capernaum* (visit).

Drive to Tiberias.

Check-in at your hotel.

Optional evening activities:- Walk round tour of Tiberias examining its history; or enjoy the pedestrian waterfront mall;
or a Sound & Light presentation:- Galilee Experience - The Christian
presence and history in Galilee.

Overnight Tiberias

Church of the Annunciation

Day 3.
08:00 Leave hotel for a trip* on the Jesus boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Continue round the Sea of Galilee, passing Kursi and on to the traditional baptism site at Yardenit (visit).

Drive to Beit She'an (visit).

Commence journey to Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley** and the Jericho by-pass**.

Packed picnic lunch from hotel or lunch-break at wayside inn.

Continue to the Mount of Olives for an overview of Jerusalem.

Drive to the Crusader/Byzantine Chapel of the Ascension* (visit)

The Pater Noster Church (visit).

Mary's Tomb and the Grotto of the Agony (visit).

Check in at your hotel.

Overnight Jerusalem

Herods Palace

Day 4.
08:00 Visit the Garden of Gethsemane and the Basilica of The Agony.

Visit the Crusader Church of St. Anne's and the Bethesda Pools.*

Continue along the Via Dolorosa visiting the Church of the Condemnation and the Church of the Flagellation, passing the Stations of the Cross to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Calvary-Golgotha (visit).


Walking tour of Jerusalem within the Old City walls, viewing aspects of its long history through an appreciation of its topography and archæological remains from Old Testament
times throughout Hasmonean, Herodian, Roman/Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman periods up until the present day.

Overnight Jerusalem

The Garden of Gethsemane

Day 5.
08:00 Visit the Holyland model of 2nd Temple Jerusalem*.

Visit Yad Ve-Shem - the Holocaust memorial


Drive to Bethlehem and visit the Basilica of the Nativity**.

Alternative: Drive to the Dung Gate; visit the Western ("Wailing") Wall.

Visit the Temple Mount and view the Dome of the Rock and the el-Aksa Mosque**.

Overnight Jerusalem

The Star of Bethlehem

Day 6.
09:00 This day will be devoted to viewing the general sites - most of them of a secular nature but of national importance - in West (modern) Jerusalem.

View the Knesset (Parliament building) and government district.

View the Menorah.

Visit the National Diamond Centre for an in-house professional tour of the workshops and exhibition.


Visit The Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book (The Dead Sea Scrolls).

Drive to Meah She'arim - the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood and have a walking tour through parts of it.

Overnight Jerusalem

The Menorah - the emblem of the state

Day 7.
08:30 Drive to the Dead Sea stopping at Qumran (visit).

Continue on to Massada visit - (making the ascent and descent by cable car*).

Lunch at Herod's Restaurant.

Swim in the Dead Sea (gratis), or choose to use a spa beach with additional indoor pools, jacuzzi and other facilities
including self-service restaurant.

Return to Jerusalem for overnight stay.

Check-in at Ben-Gurion (Tel-Aviv) International Airport.


1. The above itinerary is here presented only as an example and is not binding on either party for contractual purposes, until it meets with your final approval.

2. Please do not hesitate to make your choices and opinions known to us.

3. Please take out adequate health and travel insurance.

4. Prices will NOT include lunches, or gratuities (to hotel staff, your guide, driver or waiters) NOR your accommodation, unless you ask us to arrange it for you.

5. The prices WILL include entry to all agreed tourist sites except where designated {*} and except the cable car to Massada (see * below).

6. Please remember clients are responsible for the guide's (and where applicable, driver's) overnight accommodation and meals.

7. Please bear in mind that as of the time of writing, Bethlehem to our intense regret, is still not completely clear for unrestricted tourism, however arrangements can be made by your guide for a brief visit to the Church of the Nativity, accompanied by a local guide from Bethlehem; the situation may well improve in the foreseeable future (hopefully for ALL of us).

8. Please remember when you are scheduled to visit holy sites that modest dress is required for both men and women.

*For specific points not normally covered by the National Parks "Cover-all" entry card, you can usually pay by credit card or in foreign bills; foreign coins are not usually accepted.

**Visits to these sites are clearly dependant on the prevailing political/security situation - security considerations are a sine qua non and no guide would consider for one moment risking his clients' well-being; the authorities in any case will prohibit visits or travel along roads where and if there is a perceived danger; if they allow it - then it's safe!

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